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Fred Spencer Movies

Fred Spencer Movies



Birthday and Anniversary Greetings

Video $95.00 to  $230.00 Includes animation, you can provide photo or video material for background. About 45 sec. To 1 min.


$10 to $30  per slide   Your suitable photos cost $10 per slide. My photos or text slides usually cost around $20 per slide.     

Video Clips

$800.00  and up depending on length, degree of animation included and other factors – we need an outline for a more accurate estimate. Typical cost is $400 per minute of finished video.     

Documentaries, Short Films

Priced Individually      

Events, Weddings, Celebrations,

Sporting Events

$800.00 and up   Includes video coverage of the event including titles and music where appropriate


Any expenses for travel, meals, accommodation etc. are not included in the above prices.

Price List